Group Cruises

Thinking about cruising with your group? Whether you're booking 2 cabins or 200, cruising is a great way to travel!

Family Reunions
Cruises are great for families of multiple generations because there is so much to do onboard, no one will be left feeling bored. If you have children in your party opt for a cruise line with Children's Programs (hint: most do nowadays).

Clubs and Social Clubs
Cruises can be as organized -- or as relaxed -- as you want them to be. You can prearrange to have meeting space onboard for seminars, workshops, meetings, or parties. Or, you can opt instead to formally get together during dinner, leaving the balance of the day for leisure and impromptu gatherings.

Cruises are a fun way to raise funds for your organization or favorite charity. Ask for details.

Getting Started
If you anticipate 10 passengers or more on your cruise, it is recommended that you book early (9-12 months in advance). This will mean greater availability on the dates and ships that fit your needs. Plus, it allows for time necessary to coordinate participant sign up and individual payments. For special cruises (holidays, unique itineraries), and for very large groups of 50 passengers or more, it is recommended that you begin the process at least 12 months in advance, in order to block sufficient space.

To begin the process, contact us by phone or email with the following information:

  • Approximate size of group
  • Dates of travel and/or preferred length of cruise
  • Preferred cruising region (Bahamas, Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Mexico, Asia/Pacific, South America, Costa Rica, etc)
  • Budget considerations
  • Age ranges of children, if any, anticipated with the group

An initial deposit will be required to block your group space on any cruise ship, the amount dependent on the number of cabins on reserve and the cruise selected.


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