Article: Making Your Family Vacation Affordable
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  1. If you have too many kids to fit comfortably into one hotel room, consider renting a vacation home, condo, or suite. Also, some hotels (such as Hyatt Regency) offer discounts on the second Kids' room.
  2. Lodging with kitchen facilities can save substantially on dining costs. Of course, you'll want to weigh the cost advantage against convenience (what mom wants to spend her entire vacation in the kitchen?) For example, you can plan on eating all breakfasts in the hotel, and lunches on days you're hanging around the resort.
  3. Factoring in all expenses, cruises can be economical for families. Cruises are almost all-inclusive (you'll have incidental expenses). To save money on a cruise, plan your own shore excursions (a taxi ride for everyone, for example). Forego sodas and alcoholic beverages in favor of water, tea, and coffee (juices are complimentary during breakfast). Just, don't skimp on tipping.
  4. At a theme park, don't arrive hungry. If you plan on having a sit-down meal, opt for lunch instead of dinner (the prices are almost always cheaper). Arrive early, but fed. Eat a late lunch at the park. Have a late dinner after leaving the park. You can always pack granola bars in your purse for mid-afternoon munchies.
  5. Rental cars are generally cheaper than hotel transfers for families. Ask your travel agent for package price comparisons (this rule applies for a la carte travel as well).
  6. Travel off season for the best discounts. Ask your travel agent for discount recommendations. If you are flexible, you may find incredible rates too tempting to pass up.
  7. Cheaper isn't always better. You'll relax by staying in a nice, four star resort. You'll be fried after a week in a flea-bit roadside motel.
  8. European Rail Passes are frequently offered discounted for families (second traveler discounts or kid fares), and can be an exciting way to travel.
  9. Try a family-sized weekend getaway if you need a break but your budget is tight. I bet there's a National Park a drive's distance just waiting for your discovery.

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