Article: Packing for your Baby
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  1. Pack using a minimum number of suitcases. And definitely use rolling suitcases. The older, wheeled conventional suitcases have a tendency to fall over. Try any suitcase out before you decide to use it.
  2. Call ahead to your destination to see if baby cribs are available (your travel agent can do this for you). Travel cribs are cumbersome at best. If your toddler crawls in bed with you anyway, consider a room with a king-sized bed.
  3. This is a good time to switch from liquid formula to powdered. Pack a couple of bottles with premeasured scoops of formula, along with bottled water. If your baby is drinking juices, Gerber sells easy-to-travel 4 oz juice in plastic bottles. (Have a bottle ready at takeoff and landing to ease your baby's ear pressure). If you breastfeed, bring a bottle on the plane. Takeoff and landing are impossible times to breastfeed!
  4. Use a travel sized shampoo bottle to pack dishwashing liquid. Also pack a bottle brush. You will need to wash bottles by hand in the hotel sink.
  5. Pampers makes disposable bibs (my 2 year old refuses to use them).
  6. Backpack-style diaper bags are the easiest for maneuverability.
  7. If you can stand it, pack your wallet, ticket, and essentials in the backpack diaper bags. Pack your purse in the suitcase (switch back to your purse at your destination). The fewer the number of bags on the plane, the better.
  8. Is a theme park in your vacation plans? If so, a good quality umbrella stroller is a must. The tram and monorail rides require that your stroller be collapsed (an impossibility with a larger stroller). My personal recommendation is Peg Perego. It's expensive, but well worth it. (I bought mine at an upscale baby consignment shop).
  9. Have a practice drill with baby and gear (especially critical if you and baby are traveling solo). Your baby will need to be carried through Security sans stroller or baby seat). This and boarding are your most challenging moments.

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